Injury Prevention for Cyclists Workshop

Saturday June 24th 10:00-11:30AM

Kent State University, 350 Midway Dr. - MACC Annex Rm 153

Presented by Dr. Tonya Yanok

Dr. Tonya Yanok, of PLH, LLC, will present ‘Injury Prevention for Cyclists Workshop’, a clinic to discuss common injuries she sees as a physical therapist. At this 1-1/2 hour clinic, attendees will learn why these injuries occur and be taught training exercises that will reduce the risk of suffering these common cycling injuries. Dr. Yanok will also discuss important muscle groups and key building blocks required to develop good cycling form.

- Review of common cycling ailments and causes
- Injury Prevention Exercise Workout (approximately 1 hour)
- Q&A

Attendees are encouraged to come with their questions, yoga mats, water, and notebook to take notes. They should be ready to work out! There will be no cycling at this clinic.

The clinic will be free for Team Stelleri members and Stelleri Performance Training privately coached athletes. The fee for Non-Members is $20.00 with advance purchase ( and $25 day of (if the clinic is not sold out). All fees will go towards the Stelleri Women’s Development Cycling Team.