Mission Statement: To enrich the sport of cycling by providing novice women racers an inclusive and supportive team environment in which to train and compete.

  • We will support members in achieving their competitive goals by providing a positive and nurturing team. 
  • We will adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship.
  • We will strive to develop positive ties between cycling and the local community through safe and responsible racing and through community outreach.

Head Coach and President- Angie Ridgel
Team Manager- Pam Semanik

Team Mentors- Angie Ridgel (CX, road, TT); Pam Semanik (Road, TT, track); Julie Sroka (road, MB, CX); Kelly Baker (TT, track, road)

2017 Team Members

Elisabeth Mis
Theresa Augustin
Lindsey Neag
Krystol Chang
Andrea Chisnell
Sherlyn Paterson
Lindsey Rae Faba
Megan Bair (2nd year)
Dannette Trappe (2nd year)
Sarah Shaikh​ (2nd year)

Team Sponsors/Partners

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