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Our COACHING Services

At Stelleri Performance Training, we design custom and flexible training programs.  These are not 'cookie-cutter' or 'set in stone' plans. All plans will be designed after careful analysis of an individual's goals and limiters.  We will design your program with data-based methods.  Our plans are efficient but effective.  We understand that you don't race for a living, but you want to improve yourself and enjoy the process.  


These plans includes all of the items below.  

  • Training Plan:  You will receive a weekly training plan that will build towards your "A" priority races.  This plan will include workout descriptions, time and intensity goals and details. Your data/performance will be analyzed weekly and the training plan will be determined based on those data.  
  • CommunicationI will use to post your workouts and to examine your data and workout/race reports.  A subscription to this service is included in your monthly fee. There are also several measures in the Trainingpeaks software that will help us monitor your fitness and fatigue. Your fee includes unlimited email access and phone calls as needed.  
  • FTP test: All athletes will need to do a Functional Threshold Power test (20 minute time trial) on a standard trainer, a  smart trainer or on the road so that your workouts can be dialed in appropriately.  If you are not able to do this test on your own, we can assist you with a trainer test on your bike at your house (additional fee). This test will give us your power and heart rate numbers so that we can calculate your heart rate/power training zones. This test should be completed approximately every 3-6 months.
  • RM Test: We will also have you do a Repetition Maximum (RM) test so that we know what amount of weight you should use during your resistance training sessions. You will be given detailed instructions on how to do this test on your own or we can schedule an appointment to meet you at your local fitness center (additional fee).
  • Training Tool Instruction and GuidanceWe will use a heart rate monitor during training. It would be best if you bought a Garmin  or other gps computer for your bike-- this allows for data to be posted and easily reviewed. Individuals who have a powermeter will be given training/racing goals for power as part of their training plan.  
  • One on one sessions (NE Ohio Athletes Only)Depending on your goals, you will have the opportunity to participate in weekly training sessions.  In the summer, we will have group rides and "drills and skills" clinics. During winter, we will have cross training (xc skiing, running, snowshoeing) and/or group indoor cycling sessions. Details on one-on-one sessions will be provided to the athlete in the coaching agreement. 
  • Fee: start at $150/month (training with power may include an additional fee, different fee structure may be available for clients outside of NE Ohio.    


  • Cycling: If you are interesting in perfecting or learning a cycling technique such as descending, climbing, efficient pedal stroke, turning, sprinting or drafting, we also offer one-on-one cycling sessions with either Pam or Angie. During these sessions, you will be given detailed and clear instruction as well as critique. If you have a couple of friends that want to join you we are pleased to have a group, but we limit our one-on-one sessions to 4 people.  You want individual attention and we want to give that to you. 
  • Weight training: We can meet you in a fitness center facility of your choice (you will need to pick up the entry/guest fee) and we will examine/critique your form and give you suggestions on exercises, sets, reps and form to help you reach your goals.  Strength testing (1-RM) can also be part of this session.  
  • Running: We can meet you in a park or at a track to analyze your running form with slow-motion video and to show you drills and techniques to make you a more efficient runner.  
  • Fee: $75 per hour per person.  Details of the topics covered and the goals of the session will be sent to each athlete prior to the schedule meetup. A handout summary will also be sent to you via email.  


Functional Threshold Power/Heart Rate test (20 minute time trial) on a SMART trainer in the Coach's studio or at your house (for an extra fee)  All you need to bring is your bike, shoes, a towel and fluids.  The coach will setup your bike, run the test, analyze your results and send you an email with your power and heart rate training zones, as well as a calculation of your watts per kilogram ratio.  

  • This test takes approximately 1.5 hours.  
  • Start at $50 per test/person
  • Additional consultant advice or services can be provided for a fee of $50 per hour.  

Training with Power

The Value of Weight Training

Exercise Physiology for the Athlete

Running Drills and Skills

Cycling Drills and Skills

Road Cycling Racing Strategies and Techniques

Time Trialing Strategies and Techniques. 
Additional topics may be available.  Please contact us for more information.  
​Fee: $150 per hour (1 hr minimum).  Details of the topics covered and the goals of the session will be sent to each athlete prior to the schedule meetup. A handout summary will also be sent to you via email. Travel costs may be added if over 50 miles one-way.  


A coaching agreement, between STELLERI PERFORMANCE TRAINING (herein named as COACH) and the CLIENT, will begin on START DATE and will continue for a minimum of three months. The fee for each month of coaching is payable in advance on a monthly basis. The monthly fee covers a daily training plan, performance testing, performance analysis and one-on-one groups sessions as outlined in the coaching agreement, plus unlimited communication via email, text or phone as needed. The fee will be refundable on a prorated basis (by week) in the event of illness or other serious emergency.  Upon completion of the initial three months, our agreement will convert to a month-to-month basis. The CLIENT and COACH agree to provide one another with two weeks’ notice if it is desired to cancel further service.