Why is Stelleri Speed School focused only on shorter races?

Stelleri coaches understand the unique challenges of masters women athletes. As women mature, there is a tendency to lose power, strength, and speed. Training at higher intensities helps to moderate (and possibly reverse) the decline in these performance parameters. Training for, and racing in, events that require the ability to hold power (intensity) over short to moderate distances (between 20K and 40K) maximizes the physical systems that allow our athletes to maintain their power, speed, and strength as they age up. 

Stelleri Speed School also recognizes that master’s women athletes often have other obligations and interests that compete with the time they have available for training and racing. Our coaching program allows for flexibility within the training schedule, which ranges from 5 to about 10 hours of training per week.

What are the qualifications to join Stelleri Speed School?

  • You must be a woman at least 40 years of age as of December 31st of the year you sign on.
  • You must have a bicycle that is race legal for local time trial races (a TT/tri bike and/or aero equipment is not required).
  • You must have a Power Meter and a Heart Rate Monitor (please contact Angie or Pam if you have questions).
  • We ask that you represent Stelleri Speed School at local races, when appropriate, by wearing our TEAM SOCKS (included in your training fee)!

What if I am not familiar or comfortable riding with other people or in a pack of cyclists?
Although it is always helpful to have the handling skills and confidence gained from riding in a group, you do not have to know how to ride with a group in order to be successful at time trial. Time trial is an individual sport, pitting the rider against the clock. Time trial races start individual riders in intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute apart, and drafting is not allowed.

Stelleri Speed School training plans may include group rides as an option, but as a general rule, most of the weekly training is done solo. In fact, we suggest that our plan is best suited for the rider who is comfortable riding by herself, rather than with others, because the intensity level is set by each individual. Riding in a group may interfere with an individual’s training session goals.

USA Cycling defines a ‘Master’ as anyone over 35 years of age. Why does Stelleri Speed School require an enrollee to be 40 years old (or older)?
Most women bike racers are in their 20’s and 30’s. The coaches at Stelleri Performance Training noticed that participation in bike racing seems to decline for women in their 40’s and older. Stelleri Speed School gives these racers an outlet to train and race together, and to increase the presence of more mature women athletes at time trial races. 

Do I need a USA Cycling race license?
You do not need a USA Cycling license to join Stelleri Speed School. Many Time Trials do not require racers to hold USA Cycling licenses; Stelleri Speed School participants may purchase one-day licenses for races that require a USAC license.

I’m a triathlete. Why should I join Stelleri Speed School?
Improving your speed, power, and efficiency on the bike will not only give you a faster bike split, it will improve your run split, too.  Training for efficiency on the bike means that you will reserve energy for the run.

Also, many multisport races are now DRAFT LEGAL. Having confidence in your bike handling skills and in riding with others will give you an advantage in these races!

I am already being coached by Stelleri Performance Training. Can I join Stelleri Speed School?
Yes, as long as you’re not already on Team Stelleri. Please contact Angie or Pam directly to enroll in Stelleri Speed School.

I am already on Team Stelleri. Can I join Stelleri Speed School?
No. Team Stelleri members are committed to training and racing in multiple disciplines, and according to team requirements. The benefits of Team Stelleri are based on required race participation and other team commitments.

Will the Stelleri Speed School training plan prepare me for triathlons and duathlons?
Yes and No. Training for TT will naturally build your speed and efficiency on the bike, which will benefit you in your multisport races. Training on the bike will make you more prepared for Draft Legal multisport events. 

Training plans created for Stelleri Speed School can be modified to accommodate running workouts for multisport athletes. You will be provided options for ‘brick’ workouts to build your off-the-bike running efficiency.

However, the training provided for Stelleri Speed School athletes does not include targeted running or swimming workouts. For a fee upcharge, you can work with a Stelleri Performance Training coach to give you a more comprehensive triathlon or duathlon training program.

What if I want to race longer events, like 70.3 or Ironman?
The workouts and training program provided for Stelleri Speed School enrollees is targeted for shorter distance events (20K - 40K bike course length). Please contact Stelleri Performance Training to discuss your goals, and options for coaching.

Do I need a Time Trial/Tri bike to become a member of Stelleri Speed School?
You need a road bike that is race legal for time trial events, but a TT or Tri bike is not required. You will also need a Power Meter and a Heart Rate Monitor prior to the start of training. 

I am already on a team that requires me to race in their team uniform (kit). Can I still join Stelleri Speed School?
Yes. Stelleri Speed School does not have any race requirements, and you are not required to compete in the Team Stelleri kit. We do ask that Stelleri Speed School athletes wear our team socks when racing TT or multisport events!

What do I get for my coaching fee?
You will receive a monthly training plan (beginning the first week of January) that develops and builds your TT abilities over the duration of your selected plan. You will be ready to race in early spring. The longer options (8-month and 12-month) will allow you to reach your peak performance in July/August.

As a Stelleri Speed School enrollee, you will be able to purchase any current Team Stelleri apparel at a 20% discount. And did we mention you'll get a free pair of Stelleri socks?!

You will also be eligible to participate in any Team Stelleri special events, as well as a monthly group training session, access to a monthly coaching discussion, and product discounts from our sponsors (including 20% off power meters). 
What if I don’t live in Northeast Ohio?
You can still join Stelleri Speed School! We are proud of our team presence at local races, but we welcome women in other geographical regions to share our love of speed in their own hometowns! Please contact Pam or Angie for details and options. 

I just saw the information about Stelleri Speed School, but I’m already in the middle of my race year. Can I still sign up?
Yes. We can start you on our plan based on your current fitness level and race schedule. Please contact Stelleri Performance Training directly to determine where to start.

How do I sign up?

You can register through our Stelleri Speed School page, or by clicking here.

What if I want to cancel my membership option early?
Because of the training progression built into our plans, we emphasize the benefit of completing the duration of the plan to achieve optimized performance. However, we also know that things happen and you may not be able to fulfill the plan commitment. We will address cancellation requests on a case-by-case basis when submitted to us in writing. No refunds will be given for months in which a training plan was already delivered to the athlete.

What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to follow a training plan?
All athletes are different, with different time constraints and limitations. We know this, and we build some flexibility into our training plan to help you achieve your training goals.

Please remember that having a plan is just the beginning; DOING the plan is the harder part! Athletes that are more compliant to the plan will reap greater benefits.

What happens if I don’t follow the training plan?
There are no penalties for not following the plan, nor are there any obligations for you to comply with your training. But if you want to improve your TT performance, you have to put in the work! Having a coaching program increases your accountability to follow your plan and achieve YOUR goals.

How will I find out about upcoming Time Trials?
Stelleri Speed School will post updates on upcoming TTs to the website, as well as to our Facebook page. Please note that we will focus on races in Northeast Ohio only, but may post notices of other races that team members are interested in racing.

What are the Time Trial races that Stelleri Speed School supports, and where/when are these races?

  • Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series, 3rd Sunday or every month April through September, Deerfield, OH
  • Ol’ School House Initiative Time Trial (OSHITT), usually twice per year (TBD), West Salem, OH
  • State Championship TT (Date and Location TBD)

How do I train over the winter, or when it’s too dark/cold/icy to ride outside?
We recommend a smart trainer, so you can ride in (relative) comfort and safety indoors. We also highly recommend interactive programs to pair with your smart trainer, such as Zwift or Trainer Road.

I already have a coach. Can I still join Stelleri Speed School?
Stelleri Speed School is primarily a coaching program, but it’s also a specialized race squad. We recognize that some women may want the benefits of the team without the coaching. Please contact Pam or Angie to discuss.