• 'Base to Race' Training Plan downloaded directly into Training Peaks
  • Includes BASIC Training Peaks account
  • Monthly group training session (Beginning in January 2019)
  • Invitation to participate in Team Stelleri special events
  • Coaching and Team Support at races, group events, and training
  • Access to private group forum, discussions, and coaching sessions
  • 20% discount on Stelleri apparel
  • Sponsor discounts including RACE ENTRY discounts 

PRICING:   All training and coaching begins on January 2, 2019

BRONZE: ​ 4 month coaching plan (January through April 2019)                 $200

SILVER:     8 month coaching plan (January through August 2019)             $350

GOLD:      Full year of coaching (January through December 2019)            $500

Full payment due prior to January 2, 2019. Monthly payment option available though automatic monthly charge to credit card; 3% processing fee will be incurred for automatic monthly payment.

Program features and options

All coaching and training for Stelleri Speed School begins on January 2, 2019