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  • To promote the benefits of TT training for cyclists, triathletes, duathletes, and other multisport athletes
  • To give Masters Women the opportunity to race as a cycling team
  • To build confidence and handling skills on the bike
  • To promote a training philosophy based on the latest proven scientific methods
  • To maximize an athlete's training time to achieve significant fitness gains and attainment of performance goals 
  • To provide a training plan and coaching support that addresses the unique physical challenges experienced by masters women athletes, and that helps to maintain performance as the athlete 'ages up'
  • To promote local and and regional Time Trial events and support the communities that host these races

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Masters women (Age 40+) time trial team

and coaching program

We offer a variety of coaching options to fit your training needs. All of our athletes also have access to group training sessions, sponsor discounts, and other team benefits

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